2017 South Texas Select Showcase

October 15, 2017

Pics from the 2017 South Texas Select Showcase in Corpus Christi, Tx courtesy of http://www.bmarvinphoto.com.


IMG_6603 IMG_7398 IMG_7396 IMG_7271 IMG_7211 IMG_7183-XL IMG_7114 IMG_7075 IMG_6835-XL IMG_6731 IMG_7596-XL IMG_7576-XL IMG_7566 IMG_7547 IMG_7540 IMG_7535-XL IMG_7506 IMG_7489 IMG_7402-XL IMG_8025 IMG_8013 IMG_7980 IMG_7964 IMG_7934 IMG_7914-XL IMG_7910 IMG_7900 IMG_7869-XL IMG_7860-XL IMG_7847 IMG_7843 IMG_7838 IMG_7832-XL IMG_7827 IMG_7804-XL IMG_7799 IMG_7798-XL IMG_7766 IMG_7636 IMG_7628 IMG_7620 IMG_7613 IMG_7610


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